About Me

I have been involved in taxation for over 30 years. I spent 13 years with the Inland Revenue [now HMRC] as a tax inspector before becoming an independent tax adviser, a job I have been doing for 27 years.

 Before starting my own consultancy I spent 17 years as Director of Tax Services with a major national firm of accountants.

As well as advising on general tax matters and planning I created and led a dedicated tax investigation support team. I also created and led their VAT division.

I am the author of Tolleys “Tax Investigations” and co-author of Tolleys “Taxpayers Rights and Revenue Powers” and a respected commentator on tax and VAT issues.

He once sat on the technical committee of the Institute of Indirect Taxation and is particularly experienced in VAT appeals. He has written publications on VAT matters and has lectured frequently on this subject.

I am an associate of the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA), an associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation (IIT) and a fellow of the Federation of Tax Advisers [FTA] and finally a member of The Society of Share and Business Valuers (SSBV).